Brink Forest Products Ltd. strives to be an innovative manufacturer of wood products and endeavours to be the industry leader in the areas of fibre utilization, product quality, occupational health and safety, education and training, environmental conservation and sustainable forest management.

Welcome to Vanderhoof Specialty Wood Products. We are a value-added lumber remanufacturing facility located in Vanderhoof, British Columbia. We specialize engineered wood products such as HRA Finger jointed lumber and Platinum grade wood pellets. We pride ourselves on our consistent quality, on-time shipping (by rail and truck) and competitive pricing.

Pleasant Valley Remanufacturing Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brink Forest Products Ltd and is situated in the beautiful community of Houston, BC. The block processing plant and remanufacturing line are located on Morice River road adjacent to the major sawmills of the region.


Interior Warehousing Ltd is a regional distribution services company that serves a variety of businesses in Northern and Central British Columbia and across Western Canada, with special emphasis on the oil, gas and mining industries.