The Brink Group of Companies is a portfolio of companies focusing primarily on lumber remanufacturing, warehousing, logistics and real estate development. Operating since 1975 and proudly employing over 400 employees across Northern British Columbia, its primary operations focus on the production of value-added wood products for domestic and international markets. Strong relationships with the primary sector allow the company to produce the highest quality fibre in the market, making it one of the largest secondary manufacturers in North America.




In 1965, a young 25 year old man arrived at his new home Canada, with just $25 and a little change in his pocket. Like thousands before and since, the vision of a prosperous new life burned brightly in the young man’s heart, as he made his way to Prince George, a city where—immigration officials said, he could find work.

John Brink was half way around the world from his birthplace in Holland, but he knew his adopted home presented opportunities to hard workers with a vision. As a clean-up man at a local mill, John Brink promised himself that he would one day own his own forest company.

Indeed, John Brink has proved the power of a vision. His dream is now a leading value added company—manufacturing quality lumber products for the world market. Canada has been good to Brink Forest Products, and to its founder. That’s why John and his Company give so much back to Prince George—through gifts to education, the arts and our quality of life.



Safety, Quality, and Environmental Stewardship

These are the values that drive the company. Our management systems ensure that we adhere to these values.


We are committed to a safe work environment and consider occupational health and safety as one of our key management goals. We are determined to promote work attitudes and disciplines that ensure the well-being and safety of our employees and any visitors to the site.


We are committed to a policy of quality management and continuous quality improvement to ensure that our customers receives the best product:

Environmental stewardship

We seek to ensure that we protect the environment in which we operate. We are committed to preventing pollution through the control of industrial emissions and residues to the air, soil or waters of our environment.